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Project Detailsx

Project Partner: World Bank
Location: Bauchi, Nigeria
Value: $65,000,000
Year Completed: 2015

Project Overviewx

In response to the deplorable condition of Water Supply Service in the country, the 3rd NUWSRP, was designed and launched to build on the 1st and 2nd NUWSRP. The 3rd NUWSRP (Cr. 5416 UNI), became effective on 12th February 2015 with a budget of US250million out of this amount the Bank is to make available credit facility of USD 65 Million for Bauchi and the state Government is to contribute USD6.5 Million as counterpart fund. The objectives of the project are to (i) to increase access to improved water supply service in selected cities and urban centers in Bauchi, Ekiti, and Rivers States of Nigeria, and improve the financial viability of existing water utilities in Bauchi, Ekiti and Rivers States and (ii) improve the investment planning capacity of the utilities.

The intervention in the infrastructure is meant to resolve the current water shortages for the existing users of the Bauchi city currently served and the expansion of the services to guarantee 24/7 water services to the potential new residents in Bauchi city with a time horizon of 2025

Some salient aspects of the Project are as follows: –

  • Improvement of the transmission capacity from Gubi Dam Treatment Facilities to guarantee uninterrupted water supply from Bauchi Water Treatment Plant to 22,000m3 clear water reservoirs, from where water is distributed to the city of Bauchi;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of over 150 Km of the water distribution network in high-density population areas of the city, serving among others the poor residents;
  • Replacement of dysfunctional and installation of new water meters at production and major distribution points at the network; connecting meters into a system that supports operation and investment decision process;
  • Power supply improvement by arranging with Power Authority to guarantee uninterrupted power supply at quality voltage, service generators, and transformer;
  • Equipping and rehabilitation of the Water Treatment Plant laboratory to provide accurate and timely information on water quality;
  • Emergency interventions of the activities recommended by the Dam Safety Review undertaken during project preparation.
  • Increasing the treatment capacity at the Water Treatment Plants
  • Construction of additional reservoirs
  • Asset management including operation of installation and network, planning and rehabilitation of the fixed assets.
  • Production of the utility management system, covering Budgeting, Accounting, Auditing, purchasing and supply, Human resources, Settlement mapping, commercial operation, and customer services, technical operations, and asset management manuals.
  • Other institutional strengthening supports such as organizational development, M & E, vehicles & fleet management, human resources policy, etc.
  • NRW, Customer Management, Management Information System, Strategic Communication & Strategic Marketing
  • Training for both SPIU and Corporation staff