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About Us

The New Bauchi State Water and Sewerage Corporation (BSWSC) metamorphosed from Bauchi State Water Board (BSWB) that came into existence with the creation of Bauchi State in 1976. An enabling law (Edict) was promulgated under the then military administration in 1977 and then in 1998.

The edicts gave BSWB sweeping powers on all issues relating to water supply: Impoundment, Abstraction Treatment, and Distribution. The edicts saddled it with the responsibility of supplying potable water to all the citizens of Bauchi State: in the urban and rural areas. Even with the formation of BASIRDA in the mid-’80s, the merger of BSWB with the State Development Board (SDB) in the late ’80s, the creation of the Ministry for Rural Development with a Directorate of Rural Water Supply and the creation of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA), the edict remained unchanged.


Bauchi State Water Board is now in the process of transformation to Bauchi State and Sewerage Corporation. It saddles BSWSC with the responsibilities of providing potable water and sewerage services in all the Local Government headquarters and communities with a population greater than 20,000.

BSWB is primarily charged with the responsibility of providing wholesome potable water for the consumption of all residents of the State and for domestic, trade, commercial, industrial, scientific, and other issues. And in so doing it is to develop, maintain and beneficially exploit water resources both natural and artificial by establishing, developing, controlling, and managing waters works.

There are three Zonal Offices, which are designated as Area Offices with Headquarters in Bauchi, Azare, and Misau. These Area Offices have the mandate for the operation and maintenance of the various water supply schemes under their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Our Vision

To be the go-to supplier of potable water and wastewater services in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To render reliable, sustainable potable water and wastewater service solutions in an environmentally friendly manner.

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